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 End of an era

As most of you are aware the Three Crowns suffered a major fire in the early hours of March 30th. We now know this was deliberately started by someone. A man has been charged with ‘Arson with intent to endangering lives’ luckily our customers had already left but there were staff and friends still on the premises most of whom escaped safely but tragically our Jason had to flee for his life and suffered serious injuries which are still on going but thankfully improving.


This terrible incident has had a tremendous impact on everyone who worked and lived at the Three Crowns, a stressful time for me personally my on going concern for Jason and the wellbeing of my staff all of whom I am very fond of, I can honestly say I’ve never had such a superb, loyal, dedicated team working for me, we were one big happy family. Bangor has lost a popular pub, and I have lost my livelihood and second home, This is a very dark period for me as I’ve had 11 wonderful years running the Three Crowns, have met a lot of good people, customers who have become more like friends to me, I always looked forward to coming to Bangor every week as the locals have always made me very welcome here as I truly felt at home.


I have been working closely with Admiral Taverns, the owners of the pub. We have had numerous visits with surveyors and builders to the property but regrettably the Three Crowns suffered such severe damage that it is beyond repair. Sadly, the Three Crowns will not re open, we have looked at all possible options without success – the damage is just too bad. I’ve spoken to Admiral Taverns and I know they share my feelings; we are really disappointed that such a popular pub has been forced to close.


I am pleased to say however that I have been having positive meetings with a brewery and am looking into the possibility of opening a new venue that would be suitable. If viable it will be even better than before, welcoming back some familiar faces with the staff and drag DJ’s with the addition of some new faces and entertainment, but retaining the same unique atmosphere that we have worked so hard all these years to offer you – so watch this space!


In the meantime I’d like to thank all our customers who have supported the Three Crowns over the last 11 amazing, colourful years of which I’m sure you will agree we have had some happy and memorable times there, the presence of this venue in Bangor has always strongly supported the gay and lesbian community over the years and helped enormously changed attitudes towards us for the better, regrettably this has sometimes been forgotten about.  I’d like to raise a final toast ‘to the Three Crowns’ for giving us ‘her’ best over the years, her final hours before that terrible moment were happy ones lets remember those times and not the tragedy that devastated her for ever, her final curtain has been closed.


Glen x







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  1. deano

    i came there for the 1st time 2 weeks ago i was on me own i must say i really enjoyed it there will deffo be coming again xx

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